Sunday, August 3, 2008

Original Characters

Here is a run down of the cartoon I'm currently working on, 'A Little Fairy Tail". It tells the story and a little bit about the characters.

The first characters we encounter are two robbers and a six year old insomniac.

Butch and Cassidy hijack a snowman and wait til dark one snowy winter's night to break into a house.

Their break-in is choreographed to Tchaikovski's 'Dance of The Sugarplum Fairy' ( mostly because it's royalty-free ), and the Christmas motif is complete when Bedhead, wide awake and suffering from that bitch A.D.D and too much Ridalyn, begins asking questions. They convince him they're elves surveying the area since it's a new neighborhood.

Cassidy ends up reading him a story to lull him to sleep. It's called 'The Brothers' Mice and The Fairy That Wore No Pants'.

THE BROTHERS' MICE: Manx and Itchy

...and their pal, RINGO the friendly presumed-neutered man-tabby. An American Tabby, at that.

Ringo is a cat who, like all cats, is larger than a pair of mice, or more specifically, Manx and Itchy. And it is for this reason that he services well as a vehicle of transport.

The mice ride him to the park today. Manx is there reluctantly because he'd rather be at home downloading porn or watching television.

Itchy is trying to teach his older brother that there's a life beyond agoraphobia and lusting for sex. Manx states that if he could see pussy in the park he'd drop by more often.

Enter Twinklebelly.

They don't know it, but Twink, the heckler of this picture, has been spying on them, deciding how to spend her afternoon. There's nothing she loves more than wallowing in some good old fashioned male ignorance and using her body to torment them. She does this kind of stuff to them all through the picture.

Two characters who don't get much attention ( they're stars of a gag within a gag ) are Helen and Harold, a married cockroach and ladybug.

We don't learn much about them specifically, except that the two of them are high school sweethearts who went to the Pupae High Prom together. They also apparently enjoyed riding the Tunnel of Love at the fair, and mistake Manx's tongue and drool as an opportunity to relive those halcyon days of their youth.

Lastly, there's a hooded figure. He's aloof, and telling you about him would ruin the end of the cartoon, so the less said the better.



Brendan said...

I have to ask you an honest question:

Is this a serious pitch? Drawing practice?

Or are you making fun of John K?

Because these characters are so bad and this story is so bad and everything seems to be so derivative of John K and his uniquely terrible blogging and pitching style that I have to ask if you are trying to satirize his lack of self-awareness.

I ask because I am interested in knowing if you are just someone who is copying John K and it's really sad because frankly trust me you have better things to do with your life than listen to that guy, or if you're someone who is doing a really cool thing by pointing out that John K himself is really sad. This could be a REALLY BIG DEAL. Let me know thanks.

Anonymous said...

hey Bredan, have you lost yourself in the toilet Cause I smell your bullshit lol, Trevor your a cool guy dont listen too this piss ant! :)

and johnk Rocks, so what if johnK has High confidence in himself and is not afraid to speak his mind - hes a man!! something Brendans having trouble with! lol

Trevor Thompson said...

Thanks, John!

You posted on my birthday, so you coming to my defense is even more well-recieved!

And Brendan, thanks for commenting! I appreciate any and all criticisms, even if it's in the form of a passive / aggressive put-down from someone with no eye for talent.