Sunday, August 3, 2008


To save space and time, neither of these storyboards are complete.

The first one was done as an attempt to get hired by John Kricfalusi who is currently doing a new project for Pontiac starring his character from Ren and Stimpy, George Liquor.

He wanted people to learn how to draw the character first before revealing the story, so I put George in a story of my own with my other two characters Manx and Itchy where they sell him lard for his bacon.

It's called Fat Chance, and here's the first four pages:

The next two pages are from a cartoon I'm doing in my spare time called 'A Little Fairy Tail' with Manx and Itchy.

The last two panels in the above storyboard are used as an example in the LAYOUT section.

Below, and from the same cartoon, is from a scene where Twinklebelly, the heckler of the picture, spies on Manx and Itchy and decides to go torture them with her own unique brand of playful sexuality.


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